Rehabilitation Centre for Blind Women

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Who are we?

Class on typing at the Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation Centre for Blind Women is a charitable organization which renders help to poor visually challenged women. The centre has become a beacon in providing succor to poor women in the society. It was founded by Dr. G. Joseph Gnandickam in 1975. Dr. Gnandickam was a renowned Ophthalmologist and the founder of Joseph Hospital, Trichy. His foresight and ambition was, “My mission is vision”. This mission lays the foundation for the the working of this centre which helps less fortunate blind women. The current chief functionary and the honorary director is Mrs.Priya Theodore, a dedicated social worker who is the daughter of the founder.

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Great quality products at highly nominal prices. It is amazing to see what visually challenged women can achieve when given the right support and strength!

Sundari Bhaskaran
Housewife (Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu)

I purchased a bedsheet from Rehabilitation Centre for Blind Women about a year ago. It's print was precise, and the material sturdy. After over a year of regular usage, the colour is still bright. The availability of various designs and patterns is almost as appealing as the social impact created by the purchase.

Vagisha Pandey
Student (Ranchi, Jharkhand)

I bought a single bedsheet from the organization. The beautiful yet simple and intricate design is worth the appreciation. The material of the bedsheet is very sturdy and with machine wash also the colors and design remains intact after serval washes.

Shubhangi Bhatia
Student (Dehradun, Uttarakhand)

I have used towels, bedspread and pouches made by inmates of the rehabilitation centre. My first thought was its sad that they cannot view their beautiful creations. I would give ten on ten for quality and design. Besides I have a sense of satisfaction too that in a small way, I have helped bring a smile on someone's face. Wishing the centre good luck in all your endeavours.

Vasudha Bangera
Academic Co-ordinator, Aradhana School (Bangalore, Karnataka)

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Saree Inskirt (Customizable)
Saree Inskirt (Customizable)
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Gift card
Gift card


You can join hands with us 


You can spend your valuable time by rendering voluntary services like reading, teaching and acting as scribe for writing examination for our students. 

Digital Volunteer  

You could spend your valuable time contributing to the digital wing of the Rehabilitation Centre to help in promoting and increasing sales.


You can sponsor for 

1. The education program by giving donation for the purchase of braille paper, braille books and voice recorder. 

2. The renovation of our existing old buildings and buying special machinery/equipment for providing job opportunities for the residents.

3. The purchase and installation of basic necessities such as bore well, generator etc. 

4. The marriage of the residents at the rehabilitation centre by bearing their marriage expenses. 

5. The meals for the residents at the rehabilitation centre on your special days such as Birthday, Wedding day, etc. or any day of your choice. 

6. The raw materials used for activities in our training centre. 

7. The grocery items to be purchased (in cash or kind).

Bulk Purchase 

Help us by placing bulk orders to purchase products made by our students. Your help to improve the sales will go a long way in the process of rehabilitation. 


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